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"Custom PC And I.T Solutions Systems Integrator, Providing Affordable Custom Computers, Tailored And Built To Spec, To Meet Your Purpose And Need, Within Your Budget" 

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Joshua Prince A

Owner/ Computer Technician

PC Tech for over 22+ years. Started the Business officially in 2005. Cater to all Computer needs, whether its everyday use, at home, school use for students, home entertainment, gaming, to professional content creators, video editors, small business, small office needs. Growing the business purelly through word of mouth, as thats the best since satisfied clients will happily refer me to everyone. I have been working with supply vendors and distributors for all electronics, computer components and more now, for the better part of 15+ yrs so my cost is lower than retail, and that translates to more savings on your end. And each system is uniquely built to every clients specific need and use. Have well over 700+ builds done in the past 25 years since starting the business, more precisely accumulated the build numbers in the last 15 yrs (Initial 10yr from starting business period and for it to get traction) 


Provide affordable custom built computers to enable customer cliental the access, to the vast information, entertainment, education, and knowledge at our disposal via the World Wide Web and more, etc. All while keeping up with the ever speedy modern technological age, through cost effective and efficient computer systems from everyday home use, to full fledge gaming builds, home entertainment pc's (HTPC), Audio/Video editing, rendering, creation professional workstation builds, and more. Every system hand built to every cliental customer purpose of intended use, as well as specific platform use.